Nanaimo Marine festival

Even if you have never been to Nanaimo, you have definitely heard about the city's annual Marine festival, which is extremely popular among tourists. This year, the exhibition will feature more than a hundred yachts. Our friends and partners who help designing a website for the city of Nanaimo will also exhibit their luxurious yacht. So, if you want to support them in the competition join us. It would be a stunning adventure.

Nanaimo Marine festival is one of the most famous and interesting events in the city, where international yacht builders and manufacturers present their new models. The most famous manufacturers of yachts, boats, motors and engines, as well as yachting related products will take part in the festival. Unfortunately this year's festival will be held without one of the strongest yachtsmen teams as they are conquering the distant seas at the moment. But, due to Megameeting video conferencing software, it is planned to establish a connection with them, to know more about their exciting adventures. Video conference will be translated on the big screen right on the quay. So don't miss it.

Also, you will find a lot of engineers, architects, designers, beginners and experienced yachtsmen among the visitors of the festival. So, if you are obsessed with yachts, the Nanaimo Marine festival is what you need, as you will meet there a lot of interesting people to talk to. The exhibition will be held in the port. There you will be able to see the brand new models of luxurious yachts, motor boats and sailing yachts. Motors, sails and other equipment will also be on display. The festival is really worth visiting, but if you don't have an ability to come to Nanaimo, find out more about custom video conferencing, to be able to observe the event through the web camera.

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